How to Beat the Corporate System & Win

You gotta be in it to win it- for now

Ben Wann


To beat the corporate system and win the game, you first need to play the game. Well, that is on your rules, not theirs.

Corporations invest lots of money, time, and people (HR) to ensure they call the shots. They want you to feel indebted and eternally appreciative that they offered you a job and steady employment. Some even go as far as to call you family.

But, unlike families, as soon as organizations can do more with less, they will. You aren’t seen as an asset to be maximized but as a cost to be reduced.

“Can some fella in India do the basic job sans English literacy?” Outsourced

“Can technology remove most of what you do?” Automated

“Can a younger, hungrier employee do your job better for less pay?” Redundancy

See? It’s that easy.

I’ve been a director and manager in corporations, working side-by-side with executives for years, acquiring a first-hand view of what really happens in discussions behind closed doors. It’s jarring. I’d tell stories, but you wouldn’t believe me. It’s that bad.

If you drink the Kool-aid, become complacent and let comfort replace determination; eventually, one of the 3 scenarios…



Ben Wann

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