Tired of seeing plans fail and/or fail to be achieved on time?

GSD solves this problem for you and your organization.

Ben Wann
5 min readJul 5, 2022

Strategy-execution failures are all around us. Enough is enough- let’s stop talking and start doing!

Summary of GSD- Getting Shit Done- The No-Nonsense Framework for Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap

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10 Reasons You NEED to Buy Getting Shit Done

  1. Learn why plans fail to come together and what you can do to fix the problem.
  2. Learn why plans don’t happen on time and how you can use simple tools to fix the problems.
  3. Learn why decentralization empowerment for ensuring everyone cares about Getting Shit Done.
  4. Learn the difference between ownership and accountability, why they matter, and how to get others to care.
  5. Learn why plans fail to come together due to poor communication and which best practices you can adopt today to make your communication clear, concise, and execution-focused.
  6. Learn why culture is so crucial to ensuring plans are achieved and how you can build a strategy-execution culture.



Ben Wann

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