The Numbers Guys

When you’re exhausted, passion sustains you.

The passion that fuels me is that I am driven and focused on building a world class educational resource.

Let me share what we are up to and what drives us.

Building a successful blog, writing articles, writing clever LinkedIn posts, producing ecourses, ebooks, a YouTube channel, managing a company LinkedIn/Pinterest/Fb page, and running the podcast circuit is a full-time job. Managing it all is a juggling act that requires constant attention.

When I’m not creating or writing, I spend my time doing things like networking and building close relationships with other brilliant and interesting people and coordinating with my team and friends on Slack.

Any spare time not creating is spent on research. SEO, marketing, monetization, keywords, backlinks.

The list of to-do’s is always growing and expanding. That is part of shat makes this fun. The purpose fuels the passion when everything else starts to dip.

Where does the time come from to build and create?

The time and energy required to build a vision into reality comes from every second not spent doing everything else. I have a full-time day job that demands my full attention and focus, so being successful with my second venture requires sacrifice. Sacrifice needs to be on your mind if you play in this space. People, events, leisure- all need to be strategic.

It’s not just deciding what you want but what you don’t want, as well.

Some days I wake up tired and go to bed tired.

Some days, I feel a bit overwhelmed.

But, the sustaining energy behind everything is my belief in what I, no, WE are doing.

My entire mission behind The Numbers Guys is to breakdown barriers that still exist and hold us back.

  • Accounting knowledge should be more accessible. Who manufactures widgets? Let’s share real and practical knowledge.
  • The accounting stereotypes around the accounting field centered around rooms full of introverted, beige-wearing, bean-counting weirdos are a myth.
  • Why is accounting boring? Education is balancing informing with entertainment. No one else is entertaining.

I am passionate about filling in the knowledge gaps that others don’t explicitly see but feel. As it turns out, tons of people have articles and ideas. Unpublished articles that are just waiting to get out there one day. Unpublished papers and books take up space in drawers and hard drives.

Screw it, launch baby!

If not you, then who?”

The thing that I absolutely love about creative work is the measurability of everything.

I come to you as an accountant with a crap-ton of fancy credentials. These basically mean that I can work in my office all day and you have no way to measure my output.

But… with creative work, using metrics and data, I can assess, repivot, and execute to meet whichever goal we have.

Users, email lists, page views, backlinks, keywords- all very visible, measurable. And actionable.

The second thing that I love about running a website and blog is the complete creative freedom. I am the chief editor — I can build the doors of opportunity. Before this year, I was never asked to write for a publication — now, I am chipping away at earning minor acclaim that my brand strategy of delivering messages that balance my four pillars of Bold, Funny, Edgy, & Informative.

I am also fueled by the massive opportunity that I see in the content space of accounting. Most competitors have no awareness or strategy around SEO (Search engine optimization).

Yes, creating high-value and unique content is the #1 thing that you must do to create shareable content, but marketing has to be a paired activity with content creation.

Otherwise, “If you build it , they may not come.”


Let me go ahead and stop right here to thank the incredible team behind me. It’s all volunteers who believe in the vision. If you think that you can run one of these shops yourself, then you’re insane.

Check out the squad and our work here. We built an app to showcase out entire collection of article past, present, futures- as well as our authors.

The important piece of our operation that has been a determinant in our success is that I don’t just run my mouth off about strategy and then go do something else. I coordinate the strategy with the team and also work deep in the weeds to deliver results. I will never delegate anything without first completely understanding a task and mastering it. How would teaching and feedback work, otherwise?

In the business world, there are too many big-picture guys with massive egos who don’t quite get this- screw that.

Competition through Collaboration.

What’s on the radar? What’s next?

Without giving away the grand scheme of events before the time is right, I can say this; more niche-focused sites are headed your way.


We want to build cross-pollination between different traffic resources and a network of internal and external links. We want to create an unparalleled learning and educational experience for our audience.

That is our unwavering #1 priority.

Each of our sites will have a different model and focus, but each has a common thread that runs through them.

There is lots more to come in the following month and years and I hope that you stick with us or share us with your friends.

I am just as excited, if not more excited than I was on day one. I have grown tremendously personally, professionally, and technically as a result of this project.

I look forward to working with and serving you. And please, any time that I lose touch with my roots or do something backwards-ass-stupid, please drop me a line.



The Numbers Guys

Operational Finance Leader | Strategy-Execution | Writer | Author of Getting Shit Done- The No Nonsense Framework for Closing the Strategy-Excecution Gap